St Columba Roman Catholic Church Bridge of Don Aberdeen


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Scottish Bishops’ Statement on Parish Safeguarding


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Livestream Mass and Services

Live Stream Sunday and Weekday Masses: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays : 10:00am, Sundays: 11:30am

Live Stream Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament ending with Benediction: Wednesday and Fridays: 11:00 to 18:00

Registration and Tickets for Public Sunday Masses: Starting from 19th July 2020

Following the Scottish Government announcement that public worship can commence in churches from 15th July 2020, we are scheduling Masses for Sunday, 19th July 2020 at St Columba at 9:30am and 6:00pm. Please book a ticket to enable you attend any of the above Masses. Admission is limited to 30 spaces. If the 9:30am are fully booked please book a ticket for the 6:00pm Mass.

As result of the current Coronavirus and the subsequent social distancing regulation, the number of people that can be admitted into the church for public Sunday Masses will be limited to 30 per each of the Sunday Masses – 9:30am and 6:00pm. Please click on the link below to register and obtain a ticket that will enable you attain any of the Masses on any particular Sunday. Sales of tickets for a Sunday Mass ends one day before the beginning of the 9:30am Mass. May the Good Lord continue to protect you and your loved ones in this time of crisis. Thank you and God bless. Tickets for Sunday Masses

  • General Information
  • Parishioners who are shielding or who have underlying medical conditions are not obliged to attend Mass until Scottish Government guidance advises that it is safe to do so.
    • Internal doors will be wedged open to reduce the risk of touching surfaces
    • You are encouraged to bring your own sanitiser, face masks
    • There will be no toilet facilities available in the church premises, the door to the toilets and corridor through to the Church of Scotland must not be used, please adhere to the no entry signs.
  • On Arriving
    • If coming by car, use alternate parking bays, observe social distancing
    • Entrance by car park front door only, and exit only by fire exit door

Please note: the congregation will not be allowed to access the hall via the church.

  • No booking for Weekday Masses or private prayer.
    • You must wear a face covering when you enter the building and at all times and when exiting the Church. Please bring your own face masks as we have limited stock.  These will be available for a small donation – please take these home with you.
    • Please bring and use your own hand sanitiser.
    • There will be stewards to direct you on safety matters, please adhere to their guidance.
  • In the Hall
    • We need your name and telephone number to enable the ‘track & trace’ procedure. This information will only be retained for 14 days from the date of your visit, and kept in a secure location.
    • A team of volunteer/stewards will direct you into the church and indicate a seating area (a family may take one pew together). Please be aware that the 2m rule has curtailed the numbers in our Church and we are required to be respectful of one another in these restrictions.
  • Once in the Church we ask that
    • You observe a respectful silence
    • Adhere to social distancing
    • Holy Communion will be distributed to people in their seats. Before the distribution of Holy Communion, the priest will say from the sanctuary the words: The Body of Christ” to which everyone will answer: Amen”. No word will be said when Holy Communion is given to each individual in their seats. A general blessing will be given to those who are not able to receive Holy Communion from the sanctuary NOT during the distribution of Holy Communion.  
  • On Leaving the Church
    • Remove anything that you may have left on the bench
    • Please ensure you use sanitiser before leaving the church.
    • Collection will be taken at exit as people leave the church, so ensure that you get your envelopes or cash ready before you get to the door. Thank you.

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St Columba’s

St Columba’s Church Centre completed in 1983 is jointly owned by the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Scotland, a situation that is unique in Scotland. The Centre consists of two places of worship, the larger of the two has a church hall, two foyers, a lesser hall, a vestry and other offices.

In the Catholic Chapel  there is an Altar which was consecrated in June 1984, a Font and a support for the Tabernacle made up of Aberdeen granite, which were executed by A. and J. Robertson Ltd. Continue reading

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June 2019

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May 2019

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May & June 2019

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